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Offering Self-Storage and Parking Located 1 Mile Off I-74 In West Harrison. Just 5 minutes from Harrison, OH

Boats and RV's

Campers and Classic Cars

Business Equipment

Household Furniture and Belongings


How does one decide to combine their love and nostalgia for trains with the idea of a large-unit self-storage facility?


Indeed. 'Tis a good question. And one that gets asked nearly every single day. 


It started in 2011, on a trip over the pond to Leek, Staffordshire, England. While visiting family, we went on a train ride to Cheddleton Station.  I was so enamored by the trains, the fascinating architecture, and their long history, I left England convinced that I was destined to own and operate a train station.


An idea that seemed a little far-fetched given that Harrison, Ohio is not exactly a destination in need of a train depot.  


In 2014, my landscape company had outgrown its original space and we began pursuing commercial property to relocate.  I was looking for a large plot of land with rail access and after many months of searching, our current property became available.


We purchased the property and started preparing a long-term plan to develop it into future businesses.  Due to the rail access on the property, I felt that familiar nostalgia come rushing back. 

What business could utilize all this space AND allow me to indulge in, and share with others, my love for the history and architecture of train stations? 


Given the proximity to Brookville Lake and the constant traffic of boats being pulled past our property every single day, my good friend Eric suggested boat and RV storage. I mulled over his suggestion and began brainstorming: was the perfect location for a self-storage facility, not only for Boats and RV's but for businesses and families all over the area.


Yes...we have plenty of space and can custom-build a facility exactly the way we want it.


No...we don't want to be like, or look like, any other self-storage facilities...cold and impersonal. Drab and boring. 


Yes...our self-storage facility could become an engaging destination for customers with the right theme, perhaps some special events, and beautiful new buildings designed to not only be convenient, secure, and affordable... but to enhance their experience every single time they visit.  

So came the idea that turned into Braysville Depot. 


Keeping with our desire to be unique and different, we decided that "INSERT NAME HERE Self-Storage" was too common and far too uninspiring. 


Driving to the shop day after day, I kept passing a small cemetery with a weathered and barely legible sign reading "Braysville". I started looking into the area’s history and found Braysville was an unincorporated area similar to Bright, IN. Braysville even had a small post office for several years before closing.  


Like a bolt of lightning, it came to me. We had our theme, and now we had our name. 


Once completed, Braysville Depot will take the appearance of an 1800’s train station, complete with a station master who will run the storage office, sellings train tickets [renting units] to people looking for a fun, clean, secure, and convenient place to store their belongings. Each unit will have unique train car names so you'll always remember where your space is. 


Most importantly, we'll give you the three things that are first and foremost for our customers: 


Convenience. Security. Affordability.


All with the best customer service in the industry. That's a promise and a guarantee.  

Stop in and see us, we'd love to give you a tour! 

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