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Offering Self-Storage and Parking Located 1 Mile Off I-74 In West Harrison. Just 5 minutes from Harrison, OH

Boats and RV's

Campers and Classic Cars

Business Equipment

Household Furniture and Belongings

Gate and Boat/RV Storage Space Braysville Depot Self-Storage

Self Storage Solutions

With the flexibility of our month-to-month rental agreements, key code access to our fully fenced and secure community, and custom sizes available just for your needs...

You'll have complete peace of mind... no matter how you use your space. 

Vehicle Storage

Unless you have a lot of open space at home or a very large driveway, renting a parking spot at Braysville Depot is the easiest and most convenient way to store your boat or RV.


Whether it's the off-season months, or anytime you're not on the open water or open road... we'll provide affordable and secure parking... and the convenience of 24/7 access to your luxury toys.


We can accommodate vehicles of all sizes, from classic cars and campers to bass boats and semi-trailers.

Business Storage
Business Inventory and Equipment at Self-Storage

Business Equipment and Tool Storage

There are many ways businesses can use self-storage to find relief from expensive commercial leases and rapid expansion. 


Construction companies, contractors, landscapers, plumbers, and painters are able to clear up space and have a convenient place to store equipment near their jobs.  


With security features such as video monitoring, 24/7 gated access, and fully enclosed fencing...along with LED lighting and electrical outlets in each'll be confident your tools and equipment will be there when you need them.

Household Storage
Family loading storage unit

Household Furniture and Belongings Storage

The two most common reasons you need some extra space in your life centers around moving and decluttering. If you're downsizing houses, or simply looking to better organize your home without actually getting rid of stuff, we have available space for all of your sentimental attachments and overflow belongings. 


Our large units are perfect for seasonal decorations, outdoor patio furniture, bedroom and dorm room belongings for that college son or daughter, or even the home-based business inventory that has taken over your home. 


And with our month-to-month rentals and easy online reservations and payment, you'll wish you'd thought of renting a storage unit sooner. 

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